Monday, October 1, 2012

Duck Tape Inventions and Enigma Research:

All About Me last week brought us Kayci sharing her Duck Tape Inventions. She has made some excellent and top notch cases for organization using  Ziploc bags as well as, pen covers, bows, and pouches.

Her favorite duck tape was the pattern with the mustaches!

Thanks to Kayci for sharing her creativity.

We began working on our Google Presentations as a product to demonstrate our learning on our Enigma Project. The Enigma Project is a Texas Performance Based Project for Gifted kids which allows each student the chance to research an enigma of their choice and form their own conclusion based on research and evidence. Of course we have had to experiment a lot in the lab, to practice forming our scientific conclusions. Mrs. Oertli completed the "Tiny Bubbles Lab" which is a spin on the "Dancing Raisins" activity. CO2 bubbles form on raisins placed Sprite causing them to rise and fall from the surface. This week, we will explore how Stonehenge may have been built.

As a history study, we looked at the video of the building of the Brooklyn Bridge (Discovery Ed: New York Up Close, Modern Day New York) and the occurrence of "Caissons Disease". Scientists had to research and figure out what exactly was making those workers sick as they constructed the Brooklyn Bridge. Ah yes, which leads us to forming a conclusion.

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Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec
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