Monday, November 12, 2012

Claire, Abby and Jennifer

Abby brought her dog Rufus and a scrapbook that she made by herself.
All About Me introduced us to some interesting facts about three of our 4th grade girls:
Claire, Abby and Jennifer.

Abby brought Rufus to show. She has had Rufus since she was much younger. The scientists also enjoyed seeing a picture of Abby in her pull-ups with a cowboy hat on her head! Abby's scrapbook was pretty impressive with pictures, captions and lots of interesting stores! Thanks for sharing, Abby.
Jennifer brought her trophy from basketball and her medal.

Jennifer brought her trophy from her particpation in Little Dribblers basketball. She talked about her parrots, turtle and another sports medal she had won. Jennifer's parents brought her pet turtle, which was a proud member of CSI for the day. It was great to know more about Jennifer and meet her parents!
Claire brought some hot air balloon photos she had taken herself.

 Claire shared her love of photography by bringing some photographs she had taken on a family vacation to a hot air balloon festival in Colorado Springs. She entered one of the photos in the Washington County Fair and earned 1st place! We loved seeing her photos and hearing about her hot air balloon ride!

Enigma Day 2012

Enigma Day is a day in which we invite the parents to come and view their child's Enigma Research project. Students research and make a Google Presentation on the Enigma of their choice: Nazca Lines, Bermuda Triangle, Loch Ness Monster, Stonehenge, Atlantis, and the Marfa Lights. This year, our featured experiments in the lab were:

Make Your Own Slime
 This is a Steve Spangler mixture. We order the Slime Goo and the Cross Linking Solution and the Cups. Scientists can take home their slime in the sealed cup.

Secret Messages:
Scientists wrote secret messages with a special Ammonia
Water solution. We also used a GoldenRod paper and talked
about the chemistry behind this experiment.

The Crystal Bubble is a favorite. We add dry ice to a large bucket of water. The dry ice creates a gas and the scientists make a giant ring around the top of the bucket to form a bubble film. Instant large bubble!

Boo Bubbles are probably the most favorite, or did I already say that?? Boo bubbles work a lot like the Crystal Bubble except the scientists get to hold them. A soapy solution goes inside a large jar with a tube. Add dry ice and you have a boo bubble.

Screaming Balloons consist of a hex nut and a balloon. Students compare the sound of a hex nut inside the balloon to the sound of a penny.  Sound Tubes make different pitches of sound as you twirl them.

Grow Your Own Body Parts

You have all seen these in one form or another. Growing alligators, growing fish, ..endless examples of hydrophillic and hydrophobic polymers. These are especially nice in that we have a hand, nose, brain and ear! Great science behind this activity in that the hydrophillic ingredient in the growing body parts "loves" water and this helps the body part to GROW! The hydrophobic ingredient "doesn't like" water and this helps the body part keep its shape.


Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec

Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec
First Lego League Competition 2014

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Mrs. Sarah Cook and Mrs. Janis Kmiec are the lead investigators at CSI. Mrs. Cook manages the lab lessons as well as the Science Curriculum for BISD. Mrs. Kmiec leads the technology lab investigations. Both teachers love making CSI fun, exciting, and full of learning for their students.