Monday, November 12, 2012

Claire, Abby and Jennifer

Abby brought her dog Rufus and a scrapbook that she made by herself.
All About Me introduced us to some interesting facts about three of our 4th grade girls:
Claire, Abby and Jennifer.

Abby brought Rufus to show. She has had Rufus since she was much younger. The scientists also enjoyed seeing a picture of Abby in her pull-ups with a cowboy hat on her head! Abby's scrapbook was pretty impressive with pictures, captions and lots of interesting stores! Thanks for sharing, Abby.
Jennifer brought her trophy from basketball and her medal.

Jennifer brought her trophy from her particpation in Little Dribblers basketball. She talked about her parrots, turtle and another sports medal she had won. Jennifer's parents brought her pet turtle, which was a proud member of CSI for the day. It was great to know more about Jennifer and meet her parents!
Claire brought some hot air balloon photos she had taken herself.

 Claire shared her love of photography by bringing some photographs she had taken on a family vacation to a hot air balloon festival in Colorado Springs. She entered one of the photos in the Washington County Fair and earned 1st place! We loved seeing her photos and hearing about her hot air balloon ride!

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Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec
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