Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day CSI 5th Grade!

Welcome 5th graders to CSI, Brenham! We spent some time getting to know each other by writing three things about ourselves: One a lie and the other two true. It was fun to guess who the person was by just reading the clues. Then we had to guess what was the "lie". Some of the kids tried to "trick" their classmates such as Savannah's lie: " I have black hair." Everyone was looking around the room for the student with the black hair. No one guessed Savannah with her beautiful red hair!:-)
In the lab, we experimented to solve the Case of the Mysterious White Fizz. Students enjoyed wearing their safety goggles and mixing baking soda and Damp Rid to cause a chemical reaction.
The experiment is # 10 in this attached file:

Mrs. Schoppe showed the kids how to use the website: Build your WildSelf:
We have some great self portraits and descriptions of our students!

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Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec

Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec
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Mrs. Sarah Cook and Mrs. Janis Kmiec are the lead investigators at CSI. Mrs. Cook manages the lab lessons as well as the Science Curriculum for BISD. Mrs. Kmiec leads the technology lab investigations. Both teachers love making CSI fun, exciting, and full of learning for their students.