Monday, December 26, 2011

Ideas 2012!

What an awesome Christmas! I can't remember a more meaningful time with family. Simple things, great food, time together, positive talk, holding new babies, listening to those we love. The weather was terrible but we need the rain. This has been one of the worst droughts in Texas in many years.
Drought Statistics

It is no wonder today's green pastures reminded me of spring. After all it is December. I will try to post a picture as we have not seen this green of grass in overayear.

I hope everyone has had a good break to spend time relaxing and thinking about the new year. After two years of hoping for newer computers which would be able to access web 2.0 tools an more interactive sites, we have new Mac Minis to help CSI be better than ever. We are always trying to improve CSI to make it more engaging, challenging and motivating for students and teachers, too. As I have been reading and researching new curriculum ideas for technology integration for the students, I came across two exceptional matrices which would be an excellent resource for aligning technology and curriculum for our program at CSI as well as any classroom. I must credit award winning blogger and professional educator, Steven Anderson, for leading me to this information.
I like the way this matrix also gives specific examples for grade levels and technology integration within subject areas.

Florida Center of Education Matrix

There is another helpful matrix from Arizona k12 center which offers another interactive Tool to help with technology integration.

Arizona k12 matrix

These matrices offer help to those able to integrate technology at a beginning or more advanced level. Nice. It also gives examples of tools and specific examples for each level. They have videos and links embedded within so information is easy to find.
In our first unit of study for fourth grade, after the holidays we plan to use Voice Thread as a response an evaluation tools as we compare student written myths to ancient myths. Young students will need an open ended guideline to follow as they have not had much experience evaluating each other's work in this way.
I am planning to study the matrix more and find how our plans match up to its different levels of technology integration and the learning environment.

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