Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Awesome Opossums and Enigma Day!

If you would like all of the photos from Enigma Day, click on this link.

The day started calmly when we had Mrs. Kim Strauss come to present a distance learning program through Texas Parks and Wildlife. "Urban Encounter: Awesome Opossums" taught us the many different characteristics and adaptations of our Texas Opossum. The favorite presentation was with Talking Tom and Talking Ben's News Program.What an awesome app for the iPad! Thanks, Kim!
Enigma Day is a culminating activity in which the students share their PowerPoint presentations on the researched Enigma, such as the Loch Ness Monster, Bermuda Triangle, Marfa Lights or Atlantis! While parents are viewing their child's project they can also participate in several Mystery Science Activities in the CSI Science Lab!

Student Scientists mixed their own shaker cup of Slime to take home. Mixing of a PVA solution and a linking solution (Borax) forms the slime! Our superintendent, Mr. Sam Bell, even tried mixing his own batch of Slime.

Another polymer activity was Gravi Goo. This mysterious substance seems to pour by itself. Some slipped away onto the floor which one of the visitors pointed out that must be how it got its name.:-)
It was great to see Mrs. Schwartz!

My son, Kyle, spent his lunch hour here at the lab. He was the Boo Bubble Scientist. The bubbles are formed from Carbon Dioxide Gas from dry ice and Joy dish soap. All you need is a Boo Bubble maker , water, soap, dry ice and Kyle. Mrs. Brinkmeyer liked Boo Bubbles, and she was pretty fond of the Gravi-Goo.

This is a lesson in sound. The hex nut makes a eerie sound when it spins inside the balloon. Mr. Ogg and Mr. Harrell check out the lab experiments!

Pearl Swirl makes a "rheoscope" which allows us to see the movement of currents. It is a nice model for abstract things we can't see such as ocean current, atmospheric movements and more.

Students traced the area of small polymer body parts to determine their size before we place them into water. They updated their Table of Contents and we will wait to see how the brain, nose, ear and hand grow in water over time.

This was a favorite experiment. Fill water in a large bucket. Add dry ice. Mix Joy dish soap and use a piece of t-shirt to drag across the top rim of the bucket to form a bubble. The carbon dioxide forms a giant bubble on top of the bucket. Watch it pop to form a cool fog! Thanks, Mr. Shields for stopping by!


  1. What a great day! We really loved seeing all y'all are doing with the kids! I always look forward to Tuesday afternoon when I get to hear the excitement in Pierce's voice as he describes all the neat stuff he did in CSI that day. What a blessing to have such a neat program for the kids! Thank you so much - y'all are the best!!!!

  2. This looks like it was such a FUN day! I heard several people talking about it and it looks like you had a big turnout! Good work, Mrs. Kmiec!

  3. mrs.kmiec! my pic is not on there!

  4. Thanks, Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. DeBolt - so glad you stopped by the blog to see what is happening in CSI!
    I hope you will tune in often!
    Megan, did you see the link to ALL the pictures from our Enigma Day? Look at the top of this post where it says: ENIGMA DAY PHOTOS If you click that link there is a beautiful picture of you and your parents! :-)

  5. I loved that! It was fun!

  6. I had a lot of fun that day. The slime was very sticky!!!

  7. Emma and Lilly, it was a great day! Haley, sticky slime is the best!?



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