Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mrs. Schwartz

Mrs. Schwartz stopped by CSI today. What a great memory to have her here! It is soooo appropriate that she chose the Einstein face because she is truly my own personal "Einstein". I miss her so much this year. She did such an awesome job starting CSI and getting the program off and running! It has grown to accomodate three grades in the same learning style which she created.
Not having her here this year has been hard for me - its like losing and arm or a leg! Really! The kids always say they miss her, too, but we know she is making such a difference with all the kids at Krause Elementary.

Even Clayton had to try on the Einstein face.
I miss Clayton here everyday, too. He has grown up soo much in the last 3 years. I still have all the coloring pages he made from 1st grade!
Have a great school year, Clay!

I think Carter took this picture. I was just pondering the moment of Mrs. Schwartz's visit. Come back and see me soon!



  2. Thanks to the Schroeders! Alldyn makes CSI sooo much better! Thanks Alldyn for being here and adding your own personality PLUS to the program.

  3. Hi I love feeding the fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the blog is cool! I love going to CSI and having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are we doing next Tuesday????????



Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec

Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Kmiec
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Mrs. Sarah Cook and Mrs. Janis Kmiec are the lead investigators at CSI. Mrs. Cook manages the lab lessons as well as the Science Curriculum for BISD. Mrs. Kmiec leads the technology lab investigations. Both teachers love making CSI fun, exciting, and full of learning for their students.